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There are seven vocational centres in the region. They are all suffering from lack of proper infrastructure,
tools, equipment, machines and other necessities. Student enrolment had dropped significantly over the
years, in past; this is due to them being held in low status by the community and the poor state of facilities.
During the Plan period it is envisaged that enrolment will increase as more and more students leave
schools, between Grades 8 and 10.

The status of the vocational centres will be reviewed, a process that will be overseen by the Department
of Education, with a view to improving Vocational Centres. In the process of improving the centres the
amalgamation of three centres under one registration and one management will be encouraged. There
are two centres – Tarlena and Tinputz - offering trade testing at the moment
These centres will offer a two/three years programme based on community needs and demands. Short
courses for adults and youths in the community will also be offered. Extension courses will provide
community-based training, trades/skills desired by the community. The Autonomous Bougainville
Government, in consultation with the Department of Education will solicit external funding for the
establishment of one centre during the Plan period.


PROJECTED VOCATIONAL SCHOOL ENROLMENT 2007 - 2016 (Data from Bougainville Education Headquarter)