• "Hymn Practice - Tahetahe Primary School"
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  • "Having a break - Hamatana Primary School"
  • "Gogohe Primary School - Grade 3"
  • "Teacher Supervising Students - Tahetahe Primary School"
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All nine secondary schools in the region will be upgraded, resourced and equipped within budget to provide quality education.

Throughout the Plan period, the transition rates between Grade 8 and 9 will be sustained at 55% whilst
that between Grades 10 and 11 be at 25%. To improve access to secondary education the existing
schools will be expanded rather than establishing new ones. Equal emphasis will be placed on skills
training just as the core academic subjects. Gender participation will improve to 50%.
Hutjena, Buin and Tarlena are currently offering Grades 11 and 12. These upper secondary schools will
be provided with specialist buildings, equipment and teaching materials. As these are regional
institutions, the Bougainville Autonomous Government, the Bougainville education authorities and the
school board of governors will give these top priority. They will also be responsible for the maintenance of
school buildings and grounds.
Staffing at the secondary level will be based upon 1.5 teachers per class in both upper and lower
secondary classes. This will result in salary savings. Staffing requirements will remain steady throughout
the Plan period.


PROJECTED SECONDARY SCHOOL ENROLMENT 2007 - 2016 (Data from Bougainville Education Headquarter)