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The Department of Education will conduct a review of the existing college, the provincial centres and the accredited study centres. This is so that distance education will reach a broader audience at lower cost to the client than is the case at present. The seven vocational institutions will become study centres in the early years of the plan and these will be complemented by two regional centres – one for South Bougainville and the other for Central Bougainville.

education In Bougainville, the target groups will primarily be students who choose to complete Grades 9 and 10
education through the flexible, open and distance education mode and then articulate into the formal
system following graduation from Grade 10. Students who want to complete matriculation programmes
into tertiary education institutions will also be considered.
Enrolment in Grades 9 and 10 will cater for 35% of the students who are not offered a place or do not wish to take up a place in secondary schools. The college will also aim to attract 10% of the students who complete Grade 10 and are not offered a place in Grade 11. The number of Grade 10 graduates who currently enrol to upgrade their qualifications is expected to drop once Grades 11 and 12 matriculation programme is fully developed


PROJECTED FODE ENROLMENT 2007 - 2016 (Data from Bougainville Education Headquarter)