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Elementary schools are the responsibility of the local communities. They will initiate the establishment of
the schools and be responsible for their construction and maintenance. There are instances where schools have been opened and the enrolment has not justified the establishment of a school. Some schools may have to be closed or combined in order to ensure an efficient system.The 33 Constituencies will support the communities through the provision of annual maintenance support and funding for establishment. It is anticipated that 346 elementary schools will have been established throughout the region in order to achieve plan targets. Annual enrolment will be encouraged in all schools and multi grade teaching will be used in schools where there is low enrolment rate. Repetition will only be permitted on special circumstances..


PROJECTED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ENROLMENTS 2007 - 2016 (Data from Bougainville Education Headquarter)


Grade 1 and 2 classes will have been phased out of primary schools by 2005. Facilities that were available will be used to accommodate the newly established Grade 7 and 8 classes. All children completing Grade 6 will be given the opportunity to enter Grade 7 from 2006. This will include all children with disabilities and the region will continue to support the Callan Service who already have a presence in the region. No new community school will be converted to primary school. Seventeen (17) community schools will not be converted into primary schools between 2007 to 2016 unless population growth allows conversion to take place during the Plan period. The children in some lower primary schools will continue to feed into larger schools for the upper primary grades.


PROJECTED PRIMARY SCHOOL ENROLMENT 2007 - 2016 (Data from Bougainville Education Headquarter)